Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Company

Buying or selling your property is not an easy task for anyone. So, if you are making your mind about selling or buying real estate then it would be a better option to hire a real estate company or agent. WHY! read for ans

DHA Valley | Dadhocha Dam Issue Resolved

GOOD NEWS for the all the people of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and overseas who waited for so long. Hurdles in the construction of Dadhocha Dam has been finally removed ­čÖé Latest Updates | March 2019

FBR Reduces Valuations of Immovable Properties in Six Major Cities

This is the best ever news for property in past one year. This will reduce transfer and transaction costs dramatically and will energise properties markets in all cities

DHA Valley Insights 2017

We tried to cover all important factors related to DHA Valley Islamabad Project. The project was quite disputed for so many years and has failed to deliver the project on time and it keeps on delays due to several issues but now finally we are watching some good positives. Click for details

Recommended Strategies For Investment

Real estate is a huge industry for investment and there are a lot of opportunities to invest in real estate. But where should you start? Compiled some good strategies for the investors. These strategies will lead investor to a great PROFIT.

3 Mistakes Real Estate Investor Should Avoid

If you really want to make some serious profit from real estate market than read the article in detail. If you avoid these Mistakes you will be in safe zone